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Landkit – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme Build a beautiful, modern website the easy way with Landkit



Build a beautiful, modern website with flexible Elementor widgets built from scratch. Landkit is built to make your life easier. Variables, build tooling, documentation, and reusable blocks. Designed with the latest design trends in mind. Landkit feels modern, minimal, and beautiful.

Using Landkit to build your site means never worrying about designing another page or cross browser compatibility. Our ever-growing library of Elementor widgets and pre-designed templates will make your life easier.

**Design Highlights**
+ Beautiful, modern style flexible enough to suit most brands
+ Type styles, color styles, and components for easy file-wide changes
+ All images are included with a free-to-use license
+ Two included icon sets – one rich duotone set and one simpler set for utility
+ Included HK Grotesk Pro (premium font) with license for free extended use (Generously provided by the incredibly talented Alfredo Marco Pradil)

**Interaction Highlights**

We use modern libraries under active development and focus on making it incredibly easy to attach behaviour to elements.

+ Megamenu Navigation: Native Bootstrap markup to create rich card-like dropdowns
+ Animate Elements: Rich, performant animations fired when an element is on screen
+ Parallax: GPU-accelerated scrolling parallax on backgrounds and DOM elements
+ Sliders: Beautiful slider options for testimonials, logos, inline galleries
+ Photo/Video Zoom: Beautiful image and video zoom that feel like elements are being lifted off the page
+ Typed Text: Automated type-and-delete text
+ Animated Counting: Animated count up/down to any number
+ Stylable Maps: Mapbox integration allows for customizable, beautiful maps
+ Smooth Scroll: Easily link to other parts of the page with a slick scroll


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