Billing: PrimAccess does not charge recursive fees. All transactions are initiated by the user only. We do not save any payment credentials data on our servers. We follow the latest guidelines issued by Govt. of India. PrimAccess uses Stripe, Payumoney, Paytm, UPI, PayPal to receive payments from India. (Stripe, PayPal, Payoneer & Wire Transfer used for international payments).

Download Requests : Download requests per day are limited to what is your frequency of downloads.

Services: PrimAccess has the right to change the prices and validity of its services at any time. Also, PrimAccess can remove or add products based on availability in the Ultimate, Pro Plan, and Lite Plan.

Security: PrimAccess ensures user security and privacy. We are using Sectigo SSL protection to ensure 100% secured payment transactions. PrimAccess uses Dedicated VPS Hosting, India based Virtual Private Servers, to provide cloud-based access to the users. Each and everything which is stored over our server is encrypted and secured. Even PrimAccess cannot see your personal data except filled information at signup, access logs of tools & IP address.

Refund Policy: PrimAccess does not have any refund policy yet, In the case of a delay in service for more then 3 (Three) Days you can request a refund via our contact us page.

Account Ban/Block: If a user shares his/her account details with other people, at that time we can ban the user account without any notification for permanent. Multiple logins from the same IP (using Proxies, VPN, or same ISP) on the same day can result in account suspension. If a user wants to check their activities, he/she has the right to put their request at [email protected] (the user will get a response within 24 hours).

Notification: PrimAccess has the right to send you a notification via Email / SMS to your registered number/email regarding new offers or other information purposes.

Important Guidelines: PrimAccess never allows accessing their website source code, reverse engineering on our extensions/website. We do not allow to use of cookies editor extensions. If users want to use these types of extensions then they have to remove the PrimAccess extensions first.

Last Update: Dec 04, 2021